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Jamie H.

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Patrick Phillips

The owner has a great knowledge of the Furniture and Fashion Industry. This company will be stellar in customer service and follow up. Can’t wait for the future!

Paul Rice Jr.

So excited and cannot wait for AustinAnn.com. As a designer working with clients, there is so much value in what they are creating! The education they are going to lift the curtain on what great upholstery truly is right here in the USA. No doubt you will be super excited as they offer you so many custom features and tailoring that is not found easily online. I look for this site to be a designer’s top go to for the perfect sofa. Consumers and home owners are going to love the ability to build their own custom upholstery so easily from their home.

Kirsten White

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Wesley Sweatt

Great Owner, great people, great products. We will always do business with trustworthy people like this

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I am excited for Austin Ann to launch the site. They really know their stuff and have their finger on the pulse of the marketplace. True Pros! Can’t wait to do business when they open!

Jason Sorrell

Excited there is finally going to be a company that lets you be involved with the selection and design or home furnishings. Can’t wait until they open! Hurry!

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Amy McComber